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Flex-fuel kit

(specifically developed)

 for Powered Two-Wheelers, leisure vehicles

and watercrafts (new for 2022)

Global warming

Global Warming

Motorcycles, scooters and all types of leisure vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs, quads... are powered by thermal engines, which generate high levels of CO2.

Is there a solution to make these vehicles more efficient from an ecological point of view ?

The increase in new biofuels (especially the 2nd generation) offers us an immediate and sustainable solution.

Today, Ethanol/E85 is a fuel derived from biomass and composed mainly of vegetable raw materials and therefore emits substantially reduced greenhouse gases.

As a result, the net CO2 emissions emitted by an Ethanol/E85 combustion engine are significantly reduced compared to a conventional fuel.


Only Flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) can use this type of sustainable fuel... but this technology is not available in the world of Powered Two-Wheelers !

This is why Green Systems Automotives has developed a new solution that revolutionizes the use of such kind of vehicles by making them eco-responsible.



Let's see...


GSA on Road

Green Systems Automotives created an innovative, connected and integrated Flex-Fuel conversion device specifically engineered for powered two-wheelers, leisure vehicles that drastically reduce their GHG and make them sustainable.

Our Product

Our innovative system (patent pending) will allow you to use Ethanol/E85, conventional fuel or a mix of the both in any proportion thanks to its embedded fuel sensor.


The use of Ethanol/E85 instead of conventional fuel will considerably reduce your pollutant emissions.

In addition, this Flex-fuel kit integrates associated services such as:


- Onboard telemetry with our free smartphone application : 

Our application (available for IOS or Android devices) allows you to monitor your driving parameters and fuel consumption in real-time.


- GPS tracking : 

Thanks to an integrated GPS chip, you will know the position of your vehicle any time and you can consult the history of your previous trips.


- SOS alert service: 

The presence of an on-board accelerometer provides two services:

Passive SOS alert: signals any movement or attempted movement when your motorcycle is stationary.

Active SOS alert: warns a person of trust when a shock or fall occurs while you are riding (partner, employer, emergency services...) 


- Updating settings process :

Our device has a network connection (3G technology) allowing it to receive updates of its settings in order to guarantee the most efficient or relevant mapping for your vehicle. 


Available by March 2022

GSA Marine

Oceans, which account for 70 per cent of the surface of our planet, play an essential role in the health of our planet and those who inhabit it. Unfortunately, our oceans are polluted. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter our oceans every year.

Ocean pollution has many consequences that directly and indirectly affect marine life, as well as humans


We have to face the truth 

Watercrafts (such as powerboats with outboard engines and sea scooters) powered with thermic engine using conventional fuel are massive contributors to Ocean pollution.

No matters if the use of those machines is for professional or leisure use, our responsibility is to drastically reduce their polluting emission.


So, do we have to replace all those ships with new ones with electric or hydrogen technology ?


No, you just have to convert their thermic engine to more eco-friendly fuel made from biomass: the Superethanol E85.

But how to ?

By using our innovative, connected and integrated Flex fuel conversion device specifically designed and engineered for the marine market that turns a conventional ship into a real Flex Fuel ship and therefore reduce drastically its ecological footprint.


No need to replace your ship with a new one and that is also good for the planet!


Green Systems Automotives marine device is suitable for any type of watercraft powered by 4 stroke thermic engine with electronic fuel injection using conventional gas.


With our GSA Marine device, you are of course intended to use all our sailors’ friendly side services such as on-board telemetry application, SOS alert services and GPS tracking.


GSA Marine, Sustainable cruising !

GSA Marine

- Patent-pending device designed and engineered specifically for powered two-wheelers (not a simple adaptation of an existing car kit) ;


- Can be fitted to motorcycles, scooters and all types of leisure vehicles such as sea scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, watercraft, powerboat, ATVs ;


- Connected and always up to date (thanks to its free updates via the 4G protocol) ;


- Not just a simple Flex-Fuel kit for motorcycles, but a complete solution offering services to its user such as onboard telemetry, GPS tracking, SOS alerts...


Labels & Awards

Innovation award honoree.png
Innovation award honoree.png

CES 2020 (Las Vegas, USA) for GSA on Road 

Climate change innovator award / Tech for good Innovation award / Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy innovation award

GTI 2021 .jpg

2021’ Greentech Innovation Label (French ministry of ecological transition)

french tech logo.webp

French Tech member

solar impulse logo.png

Solar Impulse Foundation member

logo.capenergies .png

2020’ Capenergies Cluster label


About us


Green Systems Automotives was founded by two responsible motorcyclists with a high level of ecological concern.


We are the GREEN TEAM and we will help motorcyclists to reduce greenhouse gases...

The green team

Meet the Team

Olivier Barts - CEO2.png

Olivier Barts

The project leader


Olivier BARTS - CEO - 46 years old - French

Motorcyclist forever

- 18 years' experience as Human Resources Director in heavy industry ;

- Experiences in business management ;

- Founder of businesses in the United Kingdom and France ;

- Fields of specialization : project and people management, head of business...

Olivier francini - CEO2.png

Olivier Francini

The technical leader


Olivier FRANCINI - CTO- 57 years old - French

Motorcyclist forever

- Specialist in motorcycles' mechanics and electronics ;

- 30 years' experience in motorcycle maintenance and repair (workshop manager in a multi-brand dealership, optimization of racing bikes) ;

- Fields of specialization : engine and chassis optimization, on-board electronics....


Contact us



Green Systems Automotives

Pepinière Cleantech

Avenue Louis Philibert

13100 Aix en Provence


+33 (0) 660 592 953

North America

GSA Amériques / GSA Américas


600 Av. de la Montagne,

Shawinigan, QC G9N 7N5


Our Partners

Our Partners

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